Cityville Shrink Ray [Guide]

Save space by earning Crystals and activating your Shrink Ray!

Grab your Shrink Ray and scale your city to fun size!

*****Summary FAQ*****


What are the prerequisites for this feature? This feature is available to players level 30+. If you are level 30 or above, you will receive the quest associated with the Shrink Ray and be able to place it from there.
What is the Shrink Ray? The Shrink Ray can be used to Shrink the size of your buildings, reducing their footprint and saving space in your City.
Is the Shrink Ray available in the Build Menu? Unfortunately, this item is not for sale in the Build Menu.
Will I need buildable materials to complete the Shrink Ray? Yes. You will need to collect varying amounts of buildable to build your Shrink Ray. You can collect the items by asking friends (feed posts and direct requests). Alternatively, you can purchase these materials with City Cash.
What is the size of the Shrink Ray? This feature has a footprint of 2×2.
How do I access my Shrink Ray? The Shrink Ray can be accessed from the Decoration mode. You can also access the Shrink Ray by clicking on the Tools Menu.
Will the Shrink Ray permanently reduce the footprint of my buildings? The buildings footprint will be reduced, until the shrunk item is added to inventory.
If I put the Shrink Ray in inventory when fully upgraded, does it stay upgraded when placing it back into the city? It will stay upgraded, when you place it back into the city.
Can I shrink every item in my City,Downtown, and Lakefront? Currently limited items that can be shrunk.
Can you purchase more Shrink Crystals? When you run out of Shrink Crystals, you can purchase more via in-game pop-up.


  • Earn Shrink Crystals to power your Shrink Ray!
  • Save space shrinking your buildings footprints!
  • Ants needed for Quest drop from all Community Buildings!


Step by Step Guide to the Shrink Ray:
  • Once you have reached level 30, you will see the following quest icon and receive the quest to build the Shrink Ray.



  • Place the Shrink Ray through through the associated quest.


  • To complete this building you will need to collect various items, they can be requested directly from friends. Alternatively, you can purchase materials for City Cash.



  • Once you complete construction on your Shrink Ray, it’s ready to start shrinking! You will find the new shrink option located in decoration mode.



  • Quest Parts 2-3