CityVille Guide: Light Up Your City At Night

Light Up the Night!

Start expanding to the Historic Nightlife District to prepare! Early Access is here!


  • Bring Nightlife to your City!
  • Earn lights, new light levels, prizes and nightlife expansions!
  • Turn Lights on and off to bring nightlife to your city.

*****Summary FAQ*****

What is the Light Up the Night Saga? This Saga will bring the new Nightlife District to your City!
What the Majestic Plaza? Building the plaza is your first step to unlocking CityVille Nightlife!
Where will I find the Majestic Plaza? You will find the Majestic Plaza on an open expansion in your city. You may need to check your Lakefront and Downtown areas.
Is the Majestic Plaza available in the Build Menu? No, this is only available through the associated quest.
What is the size of the Majestic Plaza? The footprint is 10X10.
How many clicks does it take to build the Majestic Plaza? 0 Clicks are required to build the Majestic Plaza.
Will I need materials to complete the Majestic Plaza? Yes. Collect buildable parts by asking friends, posting to the feed or purchasing with City Cash. Collect Room Keys by collecting from Night Time themed buildings found in the Build Menu.
How do I unlock my Nightlife District? Collect lights at night to reach level 5 to unlock your new Nightlife District!
How to I get lights? Lights drop at night. Be sure to collect at night.
Can I store the Majestic Plaza in my warehouse?
Can I store this in inventory?
Upon delete, it will go to inventory.

Light Up the Night – Saga

  • To Get Early Access to City at Night, click “Unlock Now” on the Popup.
  • Clicking the 1st “Show Me”, will open the City at Night Build Menu, clicking the 2nd “Show Me” will open the Build Menu and clicking the “Preview” Button will give you a preview of City at Night!
  • To Start the Saga Quests, click on the associated quest icon:

    Act 1 – Part 1:

  • Click the “Show Me” button to locate your Majestic Plaza. Note: If unable to locate in your City, be sure to check your Lakefront and Downtown Areas.

  • You will need to collect materials to build your Majestic Plaza by asking friends, posting to the feed or by purchasing with City Cash.
  • You will also need to collect Room Keys. They will drop from Night Time themed buildings found in your Build Menu.

  • Use your toggle switch to turn lights on and off.
  • Collect Lights from buildings at night to level up and unlock your Nightlife District.

  • Majestic Plaza Fully Built:
  • Quest Parts 2 & 3:

    Act 1 – Part 2:

    Act 1 – Part 3: