Candy Crush Saga Tips – How to Make a Vertical/Horizontal Striped Candy

Mixing a vertical/horizontal striped candy with a chocolate ball is a very powerful move that creates all like colors of that striped candy into striped candy as well and it will take out a lot of candies and obstacles in the way. This special is best used on levels that has jelly pieces/obstacles.

In order to create a vertical or horizontal striped candy, it’s all about how you connect that final piece of the connect four in order to create the striped candy. For example, if you’re connecting four candies in a row bringing in that last candy going in either left/right or up/down, the lines of the candy will be based on that.



As you can see, when you bring down the candy, it creates a striped candy with lines going up/down. When you use this piece by matching with like colors, it will destroy the candies in that whole column.

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